Allan D.

“I can’t say enough good things about the school and its Instructors. Martial arts, including those based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tai Chi, QiGong) are all about promoting healthy, balanced lives, not just individually but socially. The Instructors set a wonderful example by volunteer teaching for local organizations such as Girls Inc. of Lynn and local food drives.

Also, the school takes great pride in their school grounds. I was in class the other day when a garbage truck turned around in front of the school, leaving a trail of broken glass and other debris. Along with my teacher and several other students, we quickly cleaned up the parking lot so that it was safe, no tires were punctured, and the surrounding area looked better and well-kept.

Human Harmonies is an asset to the community.”

Trish C.

“I am deeply grateful that I came to know of this place as it has contributed greatly to an increase in my health and well-being.

As an older person, taking care of myself as I have come to learn at Human Harmonies enables me to participate in preventive health care.”

Joan C.

“I started to look for a QiGong practice as I have MS and was noticing some troubling symptoms. Due to the drop foot on my right leg, I had issues with my body being misaligned. My personal trainer had to modify some exercises as my left shoulder could not perform the same as my right. In addition, when I received massage treatments, a significant amount of my time was used to relax that shoulder. Within a year of attending classes at Human Harmonies, I was successfully doing a simple overhead press. Now my posture, my dynamic balance and range of motion has improved. I’ve had MS for almost 34 years, I’m fully employed, and enjoy many hobbies. The statistics are not in my favor as I should be bed ridden or need significant assistance at this stage in my chronic illness. Human Harmonies offers the type of program that enables people like me to remain active and productive.”

Judy E.

“I have so benefited from the Human Harmonies program regarding strength, balance, and positive teaching from all of the Instructors. They are flexible in attendance and have become a positive influence in my life.

Thank you”

Donna B.

“Human Harmonies has had such a huge impact on my health and wellbeing!”

Ruth R.

“I realized that I needed to actively do something about my advancing years. I hate exercise but I am dreadfully afraid of falling and breaking some body part, so I went in to inquire.

I participated in a Human Harmonies class, I felt good, I signed up. I chose to come in once a week, but I was completely unprepared for how good I felt so I started coming 2-3 times a week. Several times I found myself feeling badly enough to skip class but I pushed and went. In every instance that which was bothering me went away by the end of the session!

I also found that in a surprising way I needed to learn to coordinate various parts of my body – not to mention the mental activity that was required as well

I am happy to report that after 3 years my balance has greatly improved as has my general wellbeing, I get to give my brain a workout, I have many new friends, and it’s all because of a banner I saw!”

Deb D.

“I tell everyone who will listen, so I wanted to make certain that I told you: finding Human Harmonies has been life changing for me. I at last have found a drug-free way to manage the pain from my 50-year battle with arthritis and various other joint issues.

After my first month of QiGong, I was able to pick up things off of the floor, dress myself without assistive devices, and get in and out of the car without having to move the seat. After 4 months, I realized that I can just stand up in a restaurant and walk out instead of having to slowly unfold myself and creep out until I was able to stand up straight and walk comfortably. And the very best part – I’ve gone from needing 10 – 15 Tramadol for a week to manage my pain to 2 – 4!

My experience with Human Harmonies has been life-style changing and I look forward to many more years of awkwardly learning graceful moves to keep me living independently! I cannot thank them enough.”

Amanda K.

“I have been attending Tai Chi classes at Human Harmonies for a year. I’m so grateful this very high quality training is offered right in our community. Not only does it offer me and others a wide variety of health benefits—including increased flexibility, strength and energy—it has created a wonderful community of participants, and I have met great people in these classes. Human Harmonies is a great addition to Vinnin Square and to Swampscott.”

Phil C.

“I have an illness that affects energy metabolism and this made it too difficult for me to keep up with the group class. The instructors were very attentive to my limitations and graciously accommodated my request for private instruction. The QiGong sets I am learning provide a sense of well-being and control and, most importantly, I have been able to incorporate the practice into my daily life.”

Jane & Mike P.

“We have been students for a few months and are very happy with the classes. We are feeling stronger, more flexible, and more energized.”

Darlene A.

“When I first started I could barely bend forward. Within a few weeks I could touch my toes. I feel better than I have in a long time.”

Karen P.

“My stress level has dropped dramatically…and my overall health feels so much better.”

Marie G.

“I am happy to report that after attending Tai Chi classes 3-4 times a week for the past 5 months, I now have normal blood pressure.”

Marilyn S.

“I have benefited greatly from the Human Harmonies classes since I began April 2019. My strength and overall fitness has improved greatly—even my bone density has improved! The instructor is very knowledgeable and we learn something new each class. The instruction is never repetitious and tailored to each individual’s needs. I highly recommend this studio!”